WING WALKING With Mark BassanT & David Graeme

The Province of East Kent is proud to present the first of our Dare Devil experiences.

Come and join us for a day of thrills and excitement, linked with highs and lows and a few somersaults in between.

Our very own APGM's Mark Bassant and David Graeme will be leading from front on this event along with other distinguished Provincial Executive Officers on this Dare Devil adventure in the aid of the 2025 Festival.

Wing walking is that sort of experience. Really only for the daredevils amongst you, it is a thoroughly exhilarating activity that is like nothing you will have ever done before. This experience isn't offered at many places in the UK, due to the specialist equipment and skills needed, but if you're prepared to travel to the airfield, we think it'll be totally worth it as you get ready to perch high up there above the cockpit, with your heart in your mouth ready for the ride of your life.

What to expect on the day of your wing walk

  • A warm welcome by The Wing Walk Company Team

  • A 15 minute briefing delivered by our team to demonstrate; how to climb up to the rig, what to expect from your Wing Walk and Health and Safety procedures.

  • Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes between your briefing and completing your Wing Walk

  • A 10 minute airborne flight 

  • Opportunity to tailor your flight with the Pilot to either achieve the maximum adrenaline experience for you or a more relaxed flight

  • Viewing area for friends and family to come and watch

  • Option to purchase a recording of your Wing Walk from 2 on-board HD camera’s with Pilot commentary at an additional price of £30

  • A certificate to confirm the completion of your Wing Walk Experience with The Wing Walk Company.

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  • The Wing Walker must be aged between 18 - 65 years of age

  • If the Wing Walker is between 66 – 75 years of age, a GP’s declaration of good health for their age is required

  • The Wing Walker must weigh no more than 85kgs (13st 4lb)

  • The Wing Walker must be able to climb up to the rig, situated on the wing of the aeroplane, unassisted

  • The Wing Walker must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the day of the flight

  • The Wing Walker cannot participate in a wing walk if they are pregnant

  • The Wing Walker will be required to sign a declaration of fitness at the briefing, this will confirm that they do not suffer from; high blood pressure, epilepsy, fainting, blackouts / dizziness, heart or lung disease, drug or alcohol addiction and mental illness. Individuals with diabetes are accepted if managed with medication or diet

  • The Wing Walker must be able to withstand the wind pressures experienced while flying at speeds of up to 120mph

  • The Wing Walker will need to be available for a 90 minute time slot, from the point of briefing, on the day of their wing walker

To join in this event the cost of the wing walk is £399.00 per person. There is an expectation that each wing walker will raise an additional £200.00 in excess of the entrance fee.

This event is open to all, Freemasons, Companions, Friends and Family, Wives and Partners.

There is a viewing area open to all spectators with onsite refreshments available.

Alcohol and Pets are not permitted on the airfield.

Wing Walkers must arrange for Lodge / Chapter and or Individual Sponsorship, the proceeds of the sponsorship will be separate to the entry fee with a suggested minimum sponsorship of £200.00 per wing walker, all Sponsorship that is raised after entrance fees will count towards the Lodge, Chapter  honorifics for the 2025 Festival.

There will be a pre-flight briefing with the first flight at 13.00 hrs. This may change subject to the number of participants.

Places will be limited so prompt registration for this event is essential.

To Book this event and join in this exhilarating experience please click on the button below.