Kent's Got Talent

This is a unique talent search competition that is open to everyone. Whilst the competition is being held in Kent, applications are open to any artist or performer residing in the UK and Ireland. The competition is not open to applicants who reside outside of the UK.

The competition programme is as follows:

Preliminary heats—To be held at various venues within Kent on Sunday 7th & 14th July 2019.

Quarter Finals—Four Quarter finals will be held at major venues on Sunday 22nd September 2019.

Semi Finals—To be held at the Woodville Theatre in Gravesend on Sunday 29th September 2019.

The Grand Final— To be held at the Grand Ballroom at the Grosvenor House Hotel Park Lane on  Saturday 5th October 2019.


Preliminary  Heats

The preliminary heats will be organised in a way that best accommodates the nature of the act. That is to say that the each of the venues will be set up specifically to support a category of performance. If you are a solo vocalist, you will be invited to attend a   venue that has a sound system that incorporates a PA and a play back system for backing tracks. If you are a group or band, you will be expected to bring your own backline equipment (instruments only). There will be a sound engineer on site to assist you in your set up and performance if required. The venue will provide a basic backline amplification system together with a stage area Front-of-House PA and audience seating. If you are a dance troupe, the venue will provide you with a dance area, PA and a play back system for backing tracks. If you are a specialist act (Magician, Comedian, Variety act or Impressionist), The venue will be set in a similar manner to the Solo Vocalist with the addition of a stage area from which to perform. The Preliminary heats will take place in the following locations: Maidstone, Gillingham, Gravesend and Margate.

The judges for the preliminary heats will not be celebrities, instead, they will be associate producers who specialise in the fields of which they have expertise, in other words, Musicians, Choreographers, Cruise and Variety club performers.

The preliminary heats objective is to select the best 100 acts to go forward to the quarter finals. This will be divide into four categories– Solo Vocalist/Musician (25 acts). Groups and Bands (25 acts). Dance Troupes/Dancers (25 acts). Variety and specialist acts (25 acts).


Quarter Finals

The quarter finals will incorporate a spectrum of selected performers from the 100 successful qualifiers in two theatres likely to be the Woodville Theatre in Gravesend and the Winter Gardens at Margate. The quarter finals will span over a whole day from 10am until 5pm. Celebrity Judges will be in attendance and the day will be filmed for Sky Community TV for broadcast at a later date.  Performers will be given a time slot to attend for set up and sound check in the morning with the first performer/s on stage at 1pm. Tickets will be on sale to the public for these quarter finals. The number of performers going forward to the semi - finals will be 24.


Semi - Finals

The semi Finals will be similar to the quarter finals in most respects except that the down selection for the finals will be the two best acts from each category: Best Soloist, Best Group/Band, Best Dance Troupe/Dancer and Best Variety act. The format for the day is as described in the quarter finals. The theatre will be the Woodville Theatre in Gravesend.


The Grand Final

The remaining eight acts will compete for the title of ‘Kent’s Got Talent’ Champion 2019 and will receive a cash prize of £5,000. The winner will also receive an additional prize in accordance with their discipline . For example; If the winner is a vocalist, musician, group or band, they will be offered the opportunity to record an album in a studio which will be put on general release through a   major distributor - Cinram Novum. If the winner is a dance troupe or dancer they will be offered sponsorship for one year or a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dance in London whichever is appropriate. If the winner is a variety act then, depending on the type of act, we will introduce you to an entertainment management agency with a view to getting you on the road to stardom.

The Third place finalist will receive a cheque for £2,000 and the Second Place finalist will receive a cheque for £3,000.

The grand final will be attended by many celebrities and agents and is to be an ‘at table’ affair. Guests will be invited to dine after the Grand Final has taken place. After the dinner, the winners will receive their trophy, cheque and special prize which will be presented by the  Provincial Grand Master of East Kent Neil Hamiliton Johnstone.

The final will be held during the afternoon of Saturday 5th October with the awards dinner taking place at 7pm. Members of the  public can purchase tickets for the Grand final only or a combined ticket for the final and awards dinner. The awards dinner will be a black tie event.

All proceeds from tickets sales and entry fees will be donated to the East Kent 2025 Festival in aid of the Masonic Charitable   Foundation.